Real Estate Savings

We do not charge a percentage on the sale, we do charge one clear fee. The cost of a traditional agency are calculated as a percentage of the sales price, often exclusive BBO. the unique formula of Brokersisland works differently! Thanks to your active role and our optimal sales process, we can offer our services for the very low price of $1500 (including BBO!). You will save thousands of dollars in brokerage fees.


-By rental your Property: One month rent

-By selling your Property: 3% of the sale price

-Or selling your home: All for just $ 1500 USD

real estate savings

Sample calculation

If your property is valued at $230,000 you will have to pay an average commission of $11,500 at a traditional agency broker. Brokersisland charges a flat and low fee of $1,500 (inc. BBO). BrokersIsland save you in the sale of your home as much as $ 10,000 in agency fees.

watch your real estate savings

real estate savings

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