Seller’s guide for real estate in Aruba

Brokersisland is the lowest priced real estate in Aruba! We provide the complete service at the lowest cost. Brokersisland is the best combination between an internet broker and a traditional broker. You will be personally guided through the sale of your home and can count on expert advice from our brokers. We put your property prominently on our website and other media. We also take a lot of other work out of your hands where specific knowledge is required. We provide including a home recording of your house, a personal sales strategy, and we will bring your property to the attention with the use of ‘for sale’ signs, our file finder, property brochures, social media and community mailing. Your broker also performs the (price) negotiations, and the purchase agreement. Your enthusiasm and knowledge about your house and neighborhood, together with our expertise, form the unique combination.
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Your savings

If your property is valued at $ 230,000 you will have to pay an average commission of $11,500 at a traditional agency broker. Brokersisland charges a flat and low rate of $6,900.
Brokersisland save you in the sale of your house as much as $ 4,600 in agency fees.

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finding your way with brokersisland

In the sale process, we offer you transparency and optimal communication

Step 1 Home recording and presentation

Our Personal Property Expert come to visit your house for the home recording. The Expert discuss the possibilities of your house and calculates the value. You will receive a comprehensive survey report about the market value and important features of your house.


The sales strategy is the starting point of a successful sale. Brokersisland always strives for optimum home presentation and publication of your house. Your broker will contact you to discuss the sales strategy, the sales expectations, the asking price strategy and the use of promotional tools to be discussed with you.


The interested part requests to arrange a viewing. We offer you prompt notice by e-mail or SMS. You schedule the visit when it suits you. If an offer is made on your property, we will contact you to discuss the bid and to determine the strategy to be pursued.

Step 4 You sold your property!

If the right buyer presents itself, you can expect a proper handling of Brokersisland. Once the negotiations have been successfully completed and the price, date or any conditions have been determined, your broker offers the contract to confirm in writing the agreements reached. Your property is sold.


If you need aditional information about the services offered by Brokersisland you can download our brochure.

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