Rental property guide in Aruba

Brokersisland is your partner in the lease, rental of living quarters such as villas, apartments or studios for individuals and businesses on aruba.

With us you can always go for a diverse range and we as motivated broker do our best to assist you in finding new accommodation.

If you want to rent your property then we would like to inform you about the possibilities. We have an excellent understanding of the local real estate market and provide customized solutions.


Whatever your requirements and wishes for your home or workplace are, Brokersisland put the knowledge of the (regional) market and its personal approach to help you find a suitable accommodation.


When you have a property and you want to rent it to a tenant for short or long term. Or suppose you want to keep your house during your stay abroad for a period, or you want to sell your property, but the buyer has not yet been found.
Then you have come to the right place, Brokersisland is the specialist in temporary and permanent rentals.

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What we do for you?

Seller's guide for real estate in Aruba Home recording broker

bullet Home recording by our broker
bullet Valuation and asking advice
bullet Visual assessment of the property
bullet Calculating square meters of the property
bullet Local market analysis


1446750510_note presentation

bullet Photos and videos
bullet Offer texts
bullet Create a floor plan of your property


1446755754_eye Sightseeing

bullet Personal contact with potential Renters
bullet We provide the tour of your property

1446755666_news publication and promotion

bullet Publication on Brokersisland
bullet For rent sign or/and poster
bullet House posted on social media
bullet Free unlimited text and photos
bullet Advertising in the newspapers


1446750422_chart RENT STRATEGY

bullet Guidance by own broker
bullet Asking price strategy
bullet Determine rent method
bullet Advising house promotion


1446755782_mail CONTRACT

bullet Rental agreement made by us

How we work?

We come down for the interview in your house, where the rental possibilities will be discussed.
With your permission, we will put your house on several websites and social media channels, and offer it in our extensive network. For this we take professional pictures of your house and write an appropriate and attractive text.

Once we found a good tenant for your property, we will gather, assess and monitoring all the details of the relevant tenant(s). We will also make the agreement and general conditions (Dutch, English).

We help you with the signing of the agreement and the first payment.

We offer a comprehensive check-in

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