Buyer’s guide for real estate in Aruba

This buyer’s guide for real estate in Aruba will show you how our purchasing team (the best in real estate in Aruba) will guide you in every step of the purchase process. They will make sure you buy the house of your dreams.

What we do for you?

1446750422_chart Buying advice

bullet Guidance by own broker
bullet View property dossier
bullet Advising next steps


1446753355_camera Home recording

bullet Home recording by Brokersisland
bullet Valuation by Brokersisland
bullet Visual assessment of construction and maintenance
bullet Content and area calculation
bullet Creating legal documentation
bullet Purchase Report preparation
bullet Verification of ownership and cadastral extract

1446755814_banknote Negotiations

bullet Advice and strategy
bullet Opening offer on the house
bullet Price negotiations


1447285904_purchase_order Your home purchase

bullet Control purchase agreement
bullet Deadline monitoring, conditions and bank guarantees
bullet Review deed of transfer and settlement
bullet Inspection and transport coordination
bullet Key transfer to owner

Finding your way with Brokersisland

Step 1 Home recording

In order to get a good impression of the house, an extensive research is essential.
Once the search is done, Brokersisland records and valuates all the aspects of the property. He judges the house and brings all the relevant information in map. You will receive a detailed purchase report by email and you will be notified about it by phone.

Step 2 Purchasing advice

An expert advice is the starting point for a successful purchase.
Your broker will contact you to personally take you through the detailed purchase report, answer all your questions and advise you on the next steps. Relationships are likely to be more important than contracts.

Step 3 Negotiations

In the negotiation stage, business experience and a clear strategy are the key to success.
Your broker advises you on the negotiation strategy and formulates a good opening bid. Price and conditions are included here. Your broker carries out on behalf of the negotiations with the buyers. Bids are discussed by telephone with you and the buyer and confirmed by e-mail.

Step 4 house purchased!

Agreement has been reached. We have come to the best price and conditions.
Arrangements have been made.Your broker discuss the agreement and all the pieces carefully. After that you are ready to sign the agreement carefree. Your broker stay in contact with you about the course of the dissolving conditions and he ensures the transfer of the property runs smoothly.

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